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WordPress nổi tiếng với cộng đồng lớn, lượng theme và plugin rất phong phú, luôn được cập nhật liên tục. Trong số có theme Flatsome với hơn 170k lượt bán trên themeforest, một theme quá nổi tiếng trong cộng đồng wordpress. Flatsome được xây dựng với UX Builder độc quyền, bộ Builder rất gọn nhẹ, linh hoạt và phong phú element.

Theme Flatsome
Theme Flatsome

Hãy mua theme chính chủ, ủng hộ tác giả nếu có thể : Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Theme Flatsome kết hợp với plugin WooCommerce tạo nên một website bán hàng chuyên nghiệp và đầy đủ tính năng, hỗ trợ nhiều cho người bán và tăng trải nghiệm người mua.

Đặc điểm nổi bật

Những ưu điểm nổi bật của Flatsome:

  • Giao diện trực quan, dễ tiếp cận.
  • UX Builder dễ sử dụng, linh hoạt và nhẹ nhàng.
  • Nhiều element, thành phần được xây dựng sẵn.
  • Tính năng kéo thả đơn giản, chính xác.
  • Update liên tục, fix lỗi và nâng cấp mới các tính năng.
  • Thiết kế chuẩn Responsive (Desktop – Tablet – Mobile).
  • Tốc độ load trang nhanh, nhẹ.
  • Xây dựng được nhiều thể loại website (bán hàng, tin tức, giới thiệu…).
  • Kết hợp sâu với WooCommerce, hỗ trợ rất tốt với website bán hàng.
Tốc độ Tải Trang Theme Flatsome
Tốc độ Tải Trang Theme Flatsome

Active Flatsome

Theme Flatsome có thể sử dụng mà không cần license, nhưng nếu có license thì sẽ hoàn thiện được Setup Wizard cho người mới và nếu active thì sẽ có cảm giác “happy” hơn. Khuyến khích người dùng hãy mua license của tác giả nếu như có thể. Nếu hiện tại bạn chưa mua được thì cũng sẽ có plugin giúp bạn active được theme tại đây : Plugin Active Flatsome All Version – Kích hoạt theme Flatsome

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— 3.12.2 —


FIXED: Countdown background color.
FIXED: Older admin assets could remain in browser cache (Advanced Options).
FIXED: HTML not rendering in product title (reverted WC 4.4 template change).

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— 3.13.3 —


FIXED: ContactForm7 progress spinner.
FIXED: Team Members: Displayed follow icons by default.
FIXED: Page Header: Background color for featured and normal style.
FIXED: Live search not yielding results for post/pages if its option and WC both are deactivated.
FIXED: Slider responsive margin.
FIXED: Builder: PHP 8 error in some cases.
FIXED: Builder: PHP warning ‘Trying to get property ‘post_type’ of non-object’ due WC on boarding task.
ENHANCEMENT: Author bio can now contain HTML.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved browser back button cache support.
DEV: Added new flatsome_author_bio_avatar_size filter.

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— 3.14.0 —


NEW: Product variation swatches.
NEW: UX Themes License manager.
NEW: WordPress 5.8 compatibility.
NEW: WooCommerce 5.5 compatibility.
NEW: Live search latency option.
NEW: Automatic New badge for products newer then x days.
NEW: Automatic New badge color option.
NEW: Infinitive option for all slide style elements.
NEW: Accordion collapsed product tab style.
NEW: Custom product stacked gallery style.
NEW: Builder: Sticky column option.
NEW: Swatches/attribute: Types (color, image, label).
NEW: Swatches/attribute: Size options.
NEW: Swatches/attribute: Shape options.
NEW: Swatches/attribute: Use variation image.
NEW: Swatches/product: Layout options.
NEW: Swatches/product: Tooltip option.
NEW: Swatches/product: Color selected option.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Show attribute variant swatches.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Layout options.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Size options.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Shape options.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Select event option (desktop).
NEW: Swatches/shop: Color selected option.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Selected swatch behavior option.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Update urls option.
NEW: Swatches/shop: Auto reset selection options.
NEW: Register: Lightbox panel layout options (left/right).
NEW: Register: Lightbox side panel custom UX Block.
NEW: Register: Lightbox side panel bg color option.
NEW: Register: Lightbox side panel bg image option.
NEW: Register: Lightbox side panel bg overlay option.
NEW: Google font-display ‘auto’ option.
NEW: Telegram share/follow icon.
NEW: Twitch follow icon.
NEW: Discord follow icon.
NEW: Updated Google Fonts list.ENHANCEMENT: Auto open mini cart refactored to work on all add to cart buttons.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved accordion item toggle arrow position when opened.
ENHANCEMENT: Sale label and percentage formatting options can now contain HTML.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved variation summarize details in mini cart, cart and checkout.
ENHANCEMENT: Portfolio: Distinguish tag and category names from WordPress once.
ENHANCEMENT: Builder: Text font and line option with smaller increments.
ENHANCEMENT: Builder: Custom product element thumbnails.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved accessibility on various elements.
ENHANCEMENT: Flatsome icon font versioning.
ENHANCEMENT: Optimized content processing.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved CLS on sliders.FIXED: Possible undefined variable in tabs element.
FIXED: Placement of wp_footer output on maintenance template.
FIXED: Accordion: Slider incorrect rendered in some cases.
FIXED: Body was scrollable when lightbox or off-canvas was opened.
FIXED: Single product review link did not navigate on accordion tab style.
FIXED: Custom product gallery style could not be chosen if global template was stacked gallery.
FIXED: Custom sale label text was not used as fallback with percentage option enabled.
FIXED: WooCommerce Setup Wizard button link displayed at the end of the Flatsome Setup Wizard.
FIXED: Wishlist button now only gets ‘added’ class to items that are actually in the wishlist.
FIXED: Shop filter not available on mobile search results page with custom Shop Page Content.
FIXED: Portfolio: Filter problem with the categories that may contain the same string.
FIXED: Product categories element did not show cats on PHP 8 if no Ids specified.
FIXED: Portfolio: Thumbnails missing on portfolio admin thumbnail column.
FIXED: UX Block edit link displayed on a deleted block reference.
FIXED: Maps: Incorrect height value in mobile devices.
FIXED: Slider: Missing closing bracket of embedded css.
FIXED: Menu item options confirmation after saving.
FIXED: Infinite scroll window title update.
FIXED: Various CSS improvements.

CHANGED: Builder does not wrap text element content with paragraph anymore.
CHANGED: Login style setting moved to Header → Account.
CHANGED: Register Flatsome with a purchase code.

DEV: Hook priority flatsome_add_icons_css changed from 10 → 150.
DEV: Added new flatsome_product_attribute_term_fields action.
DEV: Added new flatsome_new_flash_html filter.
DEV: Added new flatsome_swatch_html filter.
DEV: Added new flatsome_swatch_image_size filter.
DEV: Added new flatsome_swatches_cache_time filter.
DEV: Removed ‘Inc’ in namespaces.

Note: Minimum required WooCommerce version 4.0.0.

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- Momo: 0986 209 305
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— 3.14.1 —


FIXED: PHP issue with http_headers_useragent pre WP 5.1 3th party filter usage.
FIXED: Swatches incorrectly disabled in some cases.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved swatch caching.

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- Momo: 0986 209 305
- MB Bank: 080014.8886888 - Vũ Đức Hồng

— 3.14.2 —


FIXED: Product categories element displayed sub categories.
FIXED: PHP notice product categories variable may not support offset operations.
FIXED: PHP error on a new product previewed in draft mode.
FIXED: Swatches admin image preview sizing.
FIXED: Various CSS improvements.

Nếu bạn muốn mời mình ly cafe ?

- Momo: 0986 209 305
- MB Bank: 080014.8886888 - Vũ Đức Hồng

— 3.14.3 —


NEW: HTML element in UX Builder.FIXED: Builder: Render paragraphs correctly for classic editor content.
FIXED: Thank you page content option didn’t render shortcodes.
FIXED: Scroll to on mobile navigated incorrectly in some cases.
FIXED: Infinite scroll on masonry catalog layout.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved swatch compatibility for multiple woocommerce extension plugins.
ENHANCEMENT: Builder: Check post existence before going into edit mode.
ENHANCEMENT: Shop sticky sidebar height when infinite scroll items are appended.
ENHANCEMENT: Improved WPML configuration.

REVERT: Builder does not wrap text element content with paragraph anymore. (Use the new HTML element for raw content instead)

Nếu bạn muốn mời mình ly cafe ?

- Momo: 0986 209 305
- MB Bank: 080014.8886888 - Vũ Đức Hồng

— 3.15 —


NEW: Core JavaScript file is now only 56kb (16kb gzipped).
NEW: WooCommerce 6.0 compatibility.
NEW: Header vertical menu element.
NEW: Shape dividers (SVG graphic shapes).
NEW: Improved JS performance (lazy load reduced core modules).
NEW: Header vertical menu enable/disable icon option.
NEW: Header vertical menu height & width.
NEW: Header vertical menu tagline & text options.
NEW: Header vertical menu color & bg color options.
NEW: Header vertical menu fly-out keep open option.
NEW: Header vertical menu fly-out shadow option.
NEW: Header vertical menu fly-out color & bg color options.
NEW: Custom logo link option.
NEW: Sidebar top content option.
NEW: Sidebar tabs option.
NEW: Sidebar tabs text option.
NEW: Builder: Open tabs on hover option.
NEW: Builder: Shape divider color.
NEW: Builder: Shape divider height & width.
NEW: Builder: Shape divider flip option.
NEW: Builder: Shape divider to-front option.
NEW: Paysera and Revolut payment icon.

ENHANCEMENT: Added layout ID and scope classes to custom product page wrapper.
ENHANCEMENT: Set correct alpha for header background color.
ENHANCEMENT: Checkmark swatches in widget items on hover.
ENHANCEMENT: Builder: Hardened security.
ENHANCEMENT: Various CSS improvements.

FIXED: Builder: Render empty paragraphs.
FIXED: Builder: Initial value for conditional options.
FIXED: Open UX Builder correctly on
FIXED: Set correct site logo width and height attributes.
FIXED: Navigation dropdown display under active menu item.
FIXED: Products: Ensure visibility for custom ID’s on other styles than the default.
FIXED: Builder: Custom product reviews selection and sorting in hierarchy panel when empty.
FIXED: Container and full-width dropdown position on the very last menu item on the right.
FIXED: Sticky add to cart is now default disabled on composite product types.
FIXED: Container width dropdown when the main header is hidden when sticky.
FIXED: WooCommerce account page before and after navigation hooks.
FIXED: Terms and conditions lightbox content formatting.
FIXED: Customizer color picker palette styling in RTL.
FIXED: Products: PHP notice on an non existing tag.
FIXED: Various CSS improvements.

DEV: Added woocommerce_gallery_image_html_attachment_image_params filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_show_block_edit_tooltip filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_swatches_box_attribute filter.
DEV: Added flatsome_before_sidebar_menu action.
DEV: Added flatsome_before_sidebar_menu_elements action.
DEV: Added flatsome_after_sidebar_menu_elements action.
DEV: Added flatsome_after_sidebar_menu action.
DEV: Updated Angular.

Note: Minimum required WooCommerce version 4.4.0.

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